AFDA x IED — Istituto Europeo di Design Contest

About the contest

The contest organized by Azerbaijan Fashion Designers Association with the support of IED ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN (click to read more)  is launched to give the opportunity to every local fashion-lover to improve his/her skills and to study in one of the most recognised fashion capital — Milan!

This 3 weeks short course gives the opportunity to learn the most important features of fashion design profession so as to implement them in the homeland later on.

This competition is the start of the partnership between AFDA and IED (click to read more)  that will lead to exchange fashion experience, to enrich local fashion world with professional support, and motivate young fashion designers to develop their education



Students of higher educational institutions in design, consumer and textile industry, as well as young designers of clothes and amateur designers ages between 18 and 35 are invited to participate in the Contest.

All participants will be divided into two categories according to their education and experience:

1) Junior;

2) Professionals.


Deadline for application is 15 February, 2020 (23:59 Baku time).

The jury will announce the list of semi-finalists on February 25th, 2020 in Baku.

Semifinalists must confirm participation in the final within 3 days.


The Contest is in 3 stages.

— Qualification: accepting applications

— Semi-final

— Final

* Please pay attention at the «requirement» of each stage.



Send an е-mail to:, specifying your information:

1. Name, surname, age (in English, Azeri)

2. Education: education institution, year and specialty (in English, Azeri)

3. Contact information: phone number and е-mail


  1. Sketches of 3 looks in good quality in pdf or jpg format;
    2. A motivation letter on the topic «Why I Want to Win the Contest and What Fashion Means to Me» and a short description for each look.

Introduce yourself in a creative way! Make 3 original “ready-to-wear” sketches that demonstrate your

creativity in accordance with the ideas described in the CONTEST BRIEF above. E-mail them to

Do not forget to add a short description to each look, a motivation letter on the topic » Why I Want to Win the Contest and What Fashion Means to Me», and be sure that your ideas are realistic and can be produced within a short time.


— At the 1st stage, the entries are accepted electronically. Sketches of 3 looks must be in good quality in pdf or jpg format;

— Sketches must be close-up, all details and decorative elements are welcomed;

— Sketches can be performed in any technique;

— Sketches must correspond to the topic specified;

— The collection must be relevant and made in the pret-à-porter style;

— Brief description and the motivation letter must be written in Azeri and English languages.


In Baku, till 28th of February, 2020, semi-finalists must accept the participation in the final


In Baku, Spring 2020, finalists must present the following personally:

— Ready collection with the defile — staging of the defile is carried out by the organizing committee of the competition; hairstyle and make-up of models will be made in accordance with the style developed by the organizer committee.

— The winners of the Contest will be represented during the BAKU FASHION EXPO 2020 powered by AFDA.

IED (click to read more)  and AFDA reserve the right not to grant prizes if the level of submitted applications does not meet the requirements


Contest entries at the 1st stage shall be evaluated by the Jury according to the following criteria:

— Relevance of the idea and the pret-à-porter style;

— Individuality and originality;

— Technological and design execution of the presented collection;


  1. Scholarship to study in IED (click to read more)  Summer School of Fashion in Italy in 2020.
    * The winner pays for the cost of the trip, food and accommodation at his/her own expense.
    **In order to win the scholarship, participants must speak English fluently.
    2. The opportunity to participate free of charge in the fashion show BAKU FASHION EXPO 2020.
    * The winner pays for the cost of the trip, accommodation and the manufacture of the collection as well as the models cost at his/her own expenses.
    3. Certificate of Achievement in fashion at AFDA Baku.
    4. Possibility to sell the collection in partner concept stores
    5. Prizes from Sponsors and the Media

Scholarship to study in IED (click to read more)  Summer School of Fashion in Italy in 2020. Mandatory registration for the prize here